What is it about

2018 has been designated the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Europe’s cultural heritage surrounds us in the buildings of our cities, our landscapes and archaeological sites. It is preserved not only in literature, art and objects but also in craft skills, stories, food and films.

In its diversity, cultural heritage brings us together.

Across the United Kingdom we are looking for organisations to participate in this year by holding events that showcase our heritage and its European links.  This can be as simple as the promotion of an event you have already planned or it could be an entirely new event that you put on especially for the year of cultural heritage.

There are four main themes: Engagement – Sustainability – Protection – and Innovation all of which we hope will engage people with cultural heritage, promoting its values, fostering its protection and stimulating innovation.

Our Aims

The aim of the year is to encourage more people to discover and explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, and to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space.

The aim of this website it’s to encourage the UK community to get involved in the European Year of Cultural Heritage and provide a space to collaborate, be informed about every EYCH event in the United Kingdom and promote cultural diversity.

UK National Co-ordinator

Throughout Europe, each country participating in the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage will have a national co-ordinator who is responsible for encouraging participation and publicising events during the year.  North of England Civic Trust has agreed to perform that role in the United Kingdom with Graham Bell as the official representative.

NECT is a charitable organisation working across the UK and active in European networks such as Europa Nostra and Voices of Culture. For over fifty years we have been energetic advocates of civil society including through Heritage Open Days (part of European Heritage days) and were instrumental in setting up Civic Voice. NECT’s work includes rescuing buildings at risk and bringing them back into use, creating employment opportunities that benefit the local economy. We provide independent advice to those who need it – often brokering solutions to sensitive development issues and working with civic societies and other groups championing public involvement in the processes that shape the environment. 

You can see more about our Trust by following the link to our website: www.nect.org.uk

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