18th January 2018

January traditionally represents a commitment towards new resolutions, but it seems 2018 has a particularly emphasis on having a fresh start. Welcoming in the next twelve months there is a sense of anticipation of building anew.

Enter London that last night celebrated the English launch of the European Year of Cultural Heritage; a programme which will include projects from thirty different countries in Europe. Initiated by the European Commission, having been approved by the Parliament and Council of Europe in 2017; the aim of EYCH is to raise awareness of European history, alongside its shared values as so to strengthen a sense of European Identity.

Mr Graham Bell, National Co-Coordinator for the European Year of Cultural Heritage

For the United Kingdom, it presents an opportunity to share its rich cultural heritage with the rest of the continent, but also draw attention to approaching challenges that can be solved together. Participation will demonstrate that our cultural heritage spans all aspects of our national heritage and the creative talent of the arts and design, much of which has European influence.

Leading the ceremony at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel was Mr Graham Bell, the UK National Co-ordinator and Director of the North of England Civic Trust. Participants in the evening were also fortunate to enjoy the new installations of the London Lumiere around at King’s Cross. Speeches were made by Mr Bell, as well as Peter Freeman, the founder of Argent and Chairman of the Artichoke Board.


Peter Freeman, the founder of Argent and Chairman of the Artichoke Board.

The evening was also the 2013 Europa Nostra local award ceremony for the architecture at Kings Cross Station, which had been completed by John McAslan and Partners, and was awarded to Network rail.





Launches of the 2018 EYCH programme will also be held in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, details of which will to be confirmed shortly.

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