Factory chimneys from here
and Europe

Cheminées d'ici et d'Europe


Coordinated by LE NON-LIEU / EFAITH / Vlaamse Vereniging voor Industriële Archeologie / Asociación en Defensa de las Chimeneas y el Patrimonio Industrial de Málaga

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Who are the Chimney activists?

Calling all Factory chimneys enthusiasts : attend, talk and share

Chimney enthusiasts are invited to come and share their stories, experiences and efforts in heritage conservation. 

The forth program of academia, conferences, workshops and debates on Chimney restoration will be held on the 24th and 25th of August. It promises to get to the core of the motivations of the Chimney lovers and to understand the process by which factory chimneys become heritage. 

The meeting will inform you what you should know and what you can do if you are a citizen alerted by a chimney-destruction project, an owner of a site where there is a factory chimney that is damaged, a civil servant or elected official of a community with one or more factory chimneys, expert in heritage, town planning or civil engineering who must give an opinion on a factory chimney.

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