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The Collapse of Holyrood Abbey Church in 1768

The talk sheds light into the collapse of Holyrood Abbey Church in 1768 following the puzzling substitution of the decaying roof trusses with masonry walls in 1760 by John Douglas and James McPherson.

The Lessons of the Titanic

On April the 2nd in 1912; the White Star Line company’s Titanic left Belfast on its maiden voyage to New York City. It would return to Ireland a second time after docking at Southampton, England and Cherbourg, France when it would finally dock at Queenstown (Cobh) before leaving for New York in America. The tale is infamous for the lives…

The Enigma of Sir John James Burnet

Come learn about an influential yet lesser known Glasgow architect! Sir John James Burnet, (1857 –  1938) was a Scottish Edwardian architect who was noted for a number of prominent buildings in Glasgow, Scotland and London, England. He was the son of the architect John Burnet, and later went into partnership with his father, joining an architectural firm which would become an influential force in British Modern architecture in the 20th century.…